Our Vision

The process

Our brand, Kuteera, is centered on handmade processes that draw inspiration from cultures around the world and is guided by ethics, tradition, and honesty. We aim to create clothing that our customers will value and cherish. We are continuously finding innovative ways to make our products cleaner and more sustainable, such as using organic and circular fibers, as well as converting to recycled hang tags and shipping bags.

We also promote slow fashion, conscious consumerism, and the preservation of traditional artisan crafts. By utilizing techniques such as tooling, weaving, dyeing, and woodblock printing, we produce clothing pieces that celebrate the heritage art of various cultures.

The people

We are committed to valuing people above all else. We are a family-owned business that places great importance on developing strong relationships with our artisan partners, who are helping our brand to grow.

Our founders have devoted their time to working with our artisans for many years. This has allowed us to create authentic products that are handcrafted with great care and attention to detail. By fostering these meaningful connections, we have been able to expand as a brand and uphold our values of integrity and craftsmanship.

The Planet

Kuteera is dedicated to playing its part in contributing towards a sustainable planet that benefits everyone. As a brand, Kuteera acknowledges its role in having crucial conversations about how we can make positive changes for Mother Earth. The company has always been passionate about its responsibility to the environment and recognizes the scope for improvement. Kuteera believes in designing products that are eco-friendly, ethical towards the makers, and mindful of the people who wear their designs. Kuteera is passionate about inspiring others to create job opportunities, boost prosperity, and enhance lives for makers worldwide. The company advocates for both the planet and its inhabitants, understanding that all things are interconnected.